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Coach Connect: Positive Power: How Resilience Can Energize Your Work and Life

with Sandy Anderson

We know resilience is essential to a successful career and life. We expect to be able to “bounce back” from disappointments or hurt, develop thick skin to survive the office or societal barriers and expectations that are often unclear, inconsistent and unkind.

Join us to hear from coaching veteran, Sandy Anderson, as she helps us embrace the practice of resilience, so we feel GOOD, and to create space for CURIOSITY so our passions can thrive.

Join one session, or all three:
April 12 + May 10 (watch highlights in on On Demand!), LIVE COMING ON June 7

12 noon CST (virtual)

Mini Buzz Session: How to Heal Our Lives

with Jasna Burza

Life moves fast, and we’re often dealing with opportunity, joy, sadness, guilt and anxiety on any given day. Whether we need to find our strength or courage or explore our creativity, we need to know ourselves - who we are, what we value and what we want.

Join this session to get grounding and inspiration on following your passions with Certified Life Coach, Business Strategist and Inspirational Speaker Jasna Burza.

June 14, 12pm CST (virtual)

Morning Buzz 

We’ve almost hit the six-month mark of 2023, and as usual, time is zipping by!

Come as you are coffee connecting!  This casual, small group gathering is the perfect way to share your progress and get and give support. We’ll also take the time to reflect on our goals for the year.

June 21, 9 am CST (virtual)

Coach Connect: How Decision Making Power Can Bring Your Passions To Life

with Heather Tibbles-Vassilev

Need kid cover to go to that art class? Want to change career? Join a board? Go on a retreat? Yep, all of those require strong decision making powers. 

How do you stand your ground when you're not used to putting yourself first? 

How do you advocate for what you want?

How do you make sure you GET what you NEED?

Join Heather as she shares her expertise and get the chance to share your experience as you connect with other Passionados. 

3 sessions, starting September 6, 12 pm CST (virtual)


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"Yes, we want it all. It's just that "all" is different now. We've climbed the career ladders, we're raising the families we yearned for and acquired the things we thought we wanted.

Yet, we want something different. Something “more.” We want to feel that "buzz" again, that feeling of being true to who we are.

Of being where we are meant to be, of making a difference and loving ourselves because of it." Laura Best, Founder, Passion Collective

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What Passionados are saying

"Passion Collective brings together such a diverse community of women who are all seeking to better connect inspiration and meaning across our work and our lives. Smart idea sharing, great support, and tons of go-get-it enthusiasm and energy." Emily, CMO

"You've inspired me! I'm starting my own platform to share the journey we face as a caregiver of a special needs child." Genevieve, Commercial Real Estate Agent

"Discussing my thoughts and feelings helped me process what I was thinking, and taught me that it's ok to feel the feelings I do and that I’m not alone."
Kristen, VP Strategy

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