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About Passion Collective On Demand

We're the community of women who are making our own paths.

Passion Collective On Demand is your space
where you can:

Get practical inspiration in an easy way that fits into your day
Make new friendships and grow your network
Build your professional and personal power
Share your art, progress, writing, thoughts, in a safe, supportive space
Ask for what you need and share your strength with others

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Coach Connect: Rewire Your Perfectionism

Learn how we can "rewire" the perfectionism that so many of us have learned as we build our careers and our lives. Three sessions, one each month starting January. Join one event or all. Led by coach and Perfectionism expert, Audrey Holst!

Session 2: February 16, 12pm CST (virtual)

Field Trip: Discover "Sound Healing"

Join us for a unique session where we explore the beautiful world of Sound Healing. You'll get a 40 minute introductory session, led by Caty Brown, and time to meet and catch up with other Passionados. Come and rejuvenate together!

February 18, 2pm - 330pm CST (in-person)

Mini Buzz: Do The Work You Love

If you’ve spent years building a career and are questioning why your work no longer “lights you up” - this Mini Buzz Session is for you.  Join former Fortune 500 Talent Exec Stephanie Pierce as she shares her story and advice. Plus, you'll get to journal and meet other Passionados in our breakout sessions.

March 8, 12pm CST (virtual)


On Demand is so easy to use – everything is in one place, event sign-up is a snap, if you miss an event, you can catch up on the highlights, and you can quickly share your stories, biz updates or simply connect with others.  

Your membership gets you:

Social events, networking, workshops - virtual and in-person
Private groups to connect, share and support
Curated, small group coaching from top coaches
Exclusive articles, blogs, and videos from Passionado contributors

Guest tickets to events
Deals, discounts and freebies from Passion Collective Partners
Access to courses, special offerings
Dedicated "Passion Collective On Demand" app
Monthly or annual option
In-person or virtual plan

Access to our EXCLUSIVE Passion Finder –
the "spark" that will help you rediscover what you love.

"Yes, we want it all. It's just that "all" is different now. We've climbed the career ladders, we're raising the families we yearned for and acquired the things we thought we wanted.

Yet, we want something different. Something “more.” We want to feel that "buzz" again, that feeling of being true to who we are.

Of being where we are meant to be, of making a difference and loving ourselves because of it." Laura Best, Founder, Passion Collective

10% of every membership helps women
pursue their passions.

What Passionados are saying

"Passion Collective brings together such a diverse community of women who are all seeking to better connect inspiration and meaning across our work and our lives. Smart idea sharing, great support, and tons of go-get-it enthusiasm and energy." Emily, CMO

"You've inspired me! I'm starting my own platform to share the journey we face as a caregiver of a special needs child." Genevieve, Commercial Real Estate Agent

"Discussing my thoughts and feelings helped me process what I was thinking, and taught me that it's ok to feel the feelings I do and that I’m not alone."
Kristen, VP Strategy

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